By ex NIFT Prof. & NID alumni

90% clear NID/ NIFT/ UCEED

100% clear NATA/ CEED

100% over all success

12 years of highest success rate



Our key to success includes the commitment to quality by every person who is a part of the team. Each of us is responsible to push ourselves to a higher level of professionalism in every sphere.

In an ever changing, fast-paced world, success is determined by good choices for lasting effects. Design Keeda under the aegis of Wizbrainz International is a platform for design career enhancement and training, setup by International academics and design experts. Through Design Keeda we aim to provide professional career guidance, creating new development opportunities in the fields of Design, Fashion, Architecture and Management.

Taking this great deal, we have been traveling to various cities across India, conducting workshops and seminars on 'Design Career Guidance'. After making a mark in design career guidance and counselling, in its endeavor to serve the student community at large, Design Keeda launched its innovative design and architecture college entrance exam coaching programmes in Mumbai 12 years ago.

Our objective is to provide quality education, knowledge, resource and training for design career management. We strive to be the best choice of students by helping to ease their design educational career planning burden.

Design Keeda commits itself to ensure a unique design learning experience and to impart actionable knowledge to the students through its innovative instructional methodology backed by unique andragogical inertia. We shall continually endeavor to nurture academic excellence through multilateral cohesiveness in order to make quality design college entrance coaching more accessible to all; thereby equipping our students with cutting edge competencies necessary to crack the various entrance exams.

Design keeda strongly advocates a paradigm shift in academic delivery by focusing on andragogy and not the conventional pedagogical way. We follow a well-grounded amalgamation of formal, interactive, customized and experiential methods to impart an intellectually-induced, creative learning experience to the students. With its focus on andragogy and innovation-driven teaching aids Design Keeda is actionably redefining design college entrance coaching as a constructive stimulant of professionalism and not merely a knowledge upgrading process.

Design Keeda reaffirms its commitment to impart relevant and appropriate education through quality professional coaching to enable an efficient leveraging dynamics.  Its quality policy provides a core framework for its quality assurance in professional coaching.

We, at Design keeda focus on continuous improvement to attain professional excellence by helping the students in their urge for an intellectually stimulating professional & social recognition. A synergistic pool that we generate through the cohesive co-creation of actionable knowledge, in multifarious streams of Design, Architecture and Management, would duly render this possible. We teach participants on how to bring about quality in their own work and in that of others, so that they can leverage the concept of quality to ensure a sustainable future for themselves and their social domains.

We hold firm conviction that our vision and skills in leadership, academic governance, and the creative demeanor of budding designers are prerequisites for estimating our level of quality. Design Keeda is continually striving for, and duly reaffirms, its vision to provide creative leads to the emerging global order. Design Keeda is a strong proponent of innovative practices to further its educational leadership imperatives.

Students' Testimonials
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Ayesha Kanga, NID

Design Keeda was a great creative outlet and the most helpful class I've ever been to. Loved the teaching methods! The course was so diverse & informative and I'm so thrilled about the big NID achievement.

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Disha Patil, NIFT

Design Keeda encouraged creative ideas and also bore my naivety patiently helping me in using even raw ideas fruitfully. It always kept us updated about recent events in design, which helped us in the entrance examinations.

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Devika Gupta, NIFT

Though the initial idea was to make it through the competitive design exams which have scared many in the past including myself, the freedom you allowed me kept me far away from the chills. Class was a place where I'd learn something new - this realization alone was equivalent to achievement for me.

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Vainavi Valia, NIFT

I started attending Design Keeda after my 10th board exams with little knowledge about the field of design. It was through explorative and rigorous training at Design Keeda that I truly discovered my potentials. The assignments itself teach you a lot, forcing you to think, create and innovate.

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